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Summer Advice

Stay safe and enjoy being outside...

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Summer Advice

Summer weather is here early this year!! This means more time on the lake (now that it is filling up), BBQs, and time in the sun.  I want to talk a bit about sun safety, including sunscreen and heat stroke, and then water safety as well. 


How do you know which to buy at the store?  Are all sunscreens created equal?  If you put on some at the beginning of the day, that is enough…right?? Well it should be easier to answer these questions now, as of December 2012, there are new Federal Laws regulating the labeling of Sunscreen.  First, the SPF labels will now read 50 + and can decrease down from that.  When you are choosing an SPF just make sure that it is over 15, and you should be sufficiently protected, as long as you apply and reapply as directed.  The additional protection given by a sunscreen that is higher than SPF 15 is minimal.  You must apply every 2 hours, no matter which SPF you have chosen. No products are water proof, and now will only be labeled as water resistance which is more accurate.  Labels are also now required to state how much time you should be able to spend in the water, 40 minutes or 80 minutes before reapplying.  Sweating counts as water exposure. Also don’t waste your time applying any sunscreen that is not Broad Spectrum, meaning that it protects from UVA and UVB rays.

Heat stroke

As a quick reminder I am going to list the signs of heat stroke here.  Please keep these in mind when you are working outside this summer, this condition is life threatening and should be addressed by a medical professional right away.  Some or most of these could be present: headache, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, dizziness, rapid heart rate, muscle tenderness, yellowing of the skin, bruising, confusion, passing out, irritability, and problems walking.  Take frequent breaks while working outside, and remain hydrated, and avoid working outside during the hottest hours of the day to keep from experiencing heat stroke or exhaustion.

Water Safety

Everyone knows the standard advice here, watch your kids near water, don’t turn your back on the ocean, wear a life jacket and so on…  I would like to suggest the more permanent solution of teaching your child to swim, if they are the proper age.  Of course this would not be a good choice for my 14 month old, but if they are old enough, getting your kids into swimming lessons routinely will increase their swimming confidence, skill level, and is great exercise. Also one more old standard here – if you have been drinking and would not drive your car, you should not be driving your boat. Lets keep this a safe and accident free year on the lake.  

With that, I hope everyone has a great summer, looks like there will be plenty of it to enjoy!!